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Application Process

Application Process in Japan

You will need to pay the admission fee and return the materials below by the designated deadline. Follow the guidelines of admission procedures which are mailed to you.

  • A completed medical examination form
  • A certificate of graduation from an undergraduate program and transcript
  • An application form for certificate of eligibility (student visa application)
  • An application form for Intensive Japanese Language Program if desired.
  • An application form for Intensive English Program if desired.
  • Your dorm room preferences using this form.
  • Your Email request and Emergency contact information using this form.

Remember to complete the online application and upload all other necessary documents by deadline. Those items are.

To be submitted online

  • Personal Statement
  • Research Topic
  • Two Recommendations Letters
  • College Certificates and Transcripts
  • GMAT or GRE Score Report (IM applicants only)
  • TOEFL/IELTS Score Report or TOEIC score
  • Application Fee Form and Fee
    Domestic applicants: 30,000yen
    International applicants: 5,000yen

A letter of application

After complete the admission procedures above, a Letter of Admission will be issued and mailed to you along with an application form for opening a local bank account. You are required to fill in the form and mail it back to us. The information on computer environment at IUJ and Info Kit will be sent as well. The Info Kit contains a lot of valuable information. Please read it very carefully.


In the middle of August, you will receive a certificate of eligibility if you send back the application form for that certificate by the due date (guidance available here). You are to apply for a student visa at the nearest Japanese embassy/consulate in your place in person or by mail with the certificate.

• Arrival Dates to IUJ

Incoming students are able to check in to the IUJ dorms in the middle of September. See the September Calendar for specific dates for each academic year. (Please note, officially the academic year starts September 1, but classes start much later: usually the last Monday of September or first Monday of October. Orientation runs the last 2 weeks of September. But be sure to check the calendar for that year’s plan.)

• Dorm

You will be informed your dorm room number and phone number sometime in late August. Please use the this form to indicate your Dorm Preferences as soon after you pay the Admissions fee as possible.

• Shipping

Follow the Info Kit instructions (available here). Remember to write your name, dorm room number and phone number on all shipping forms, and have it as a tag on your lauggue will send. You may send your luggage to IUJ ahead of your arrival this time only. This is a service reserved only for first-time arrivers.

• Departure

Your family and friends and get on board a plane. From the airports in Japan to IUJ, follow the information in the Info Pack (sent to all those admitted, or downloadable from the OSS website.