Welcome to Study in Australia

Student for Australia Benefit

Study Australia as a renowned student consultancy organisation from BSB foundation, we help students to achieving their dream of study aboard. Our experts provide guidance to identify appropriate course and secure the right college for you. In study Australia our experts help you with course selection, educational institute selection, application to university, application procedure, acceptance of offer letter, visa process, pre-departure guideline and arrival guideline. Our students benefit includes but not limited to

  1. Cost effective and professional services tailored to meet students needs
  2. Friendly environment and creating a comfort zone for students and parents
  3. Uninterrupted communication with students and parents
  4. Guardian Visa support
  5. Facilitate getting education loans for students through Banks and financial organisations
  6. Maintain affiliation with students, parents and universities
  7. Free distribution of university prospectus
  8. Step by step solution for students and parents
  9. Facilitating university or college admission
  10. Accommodation for students aboard
  11. After arrival support to students
  12. Support successful students living in Australia (find more on Australia Helpline)
  13. Free visa counselling and assistance for visa application
  14. Provide assistance for embassy fees, Biometric collection and health check-up
  15. Education exhibition free entry to grow interest
  16. Pre-departure services for students
  17. Discounted air-ticket, assist with student file opening with bank, booking accommodation and airport pick-up
  18. Post-departure services after arriving to Australia
  19. University registration, Orientation and time management
  20. Transportation for everyday commute
  21. Prepare for cultural shock
  22. Know you work rights
  23. Australian work life explained
  24. Work limitation for students
  25. Career counselling
  26. Job guidance